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Over 600 ASTM Test Methods and Federal Test Methods Available
for Lubricants and Lubrication Related Products

Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories, Inc. offers an impressive number of ASTM Test Methods and Federal Test Methods for lubricants (oils and greases) and related products, all performed here at our laboratory in Lafayette New Jersey. It was a natural progression for the company’s founders to build upon their experience and talents in order to provide their customers with many difficult to perform and hard to find tests. As they continued to train additional personnel and added more tests based on customer needs, the number of tests offered grew exponentially to well over 600 now available.

In this process it was also a natural progression to include tests for lubrication related products like anti-seize compounds, rust preventive coatings, waxes, antifreeze, additives, and the list goes on. We are able to perform most if not all of the testing required for a large number of commercial specification products as well as many military specification products (see our Cage Code 9X599 page).

You can find specific tests offered with current pricing and sample quantity required on our searchable Testing page, where you can also read more details about many of these tests for oils and greases and related products.

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