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Cage Code 9X599

Our CAGE Code Number, 9X599, is a unique identifier which is assigned to us by the Defense Logistics Agency.  As a "Commercial And Government Entity" we are able to enter into projects that require Qualification Testing of oils, greases, hydraulic fluids and other petro-chemical type products supplied to all branches of the Military Services.  This CAGE Code Number was received upon approval of our quality control and calibration systems having met all the requirement to be a Government approved testing facility.

In addition to performing qualification testing we are also able to provide batch conformance testing, shelf life renewal testing according to Mil-Std-3004, and referee laboratory testing in those instances of questionable or disputed data.  Our 40 plus years of experience in processing this type of qualification work has greatly enhanced our ability to help guide our clients through the qualification process from initial R&D sample testing all the way to final product qualification.

Please note that there are special sample submission requirements for Government approved product qualification that you may have to follow.  Check with us before submitting a sample to prevent avoidable and costly delays, unnecessary repetition of work already completed, and even the possibility of your sample submission being completely rejected by the qualifying agency.  We will work proactively with you and assist you in any way we can with the application process.