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Over 32 years ago, Petro-Lubricant Test Labs began as a totally independent lubricant testing service with absolutely no financial or resource ties to any lubricant producer, distributor, or end user. From the very beginning the company’s founders recognized industry need for completely independent, third party testing. With this philosophy of maintaining absolute independence, the company grew steadily by heavily reinvesting its own resources and gaining merit with its customers based on superior performance and service. As the company’s reputation for responding to customer needs grew, the number of tests offered grew exponentially as well. Today we offer an unparalleled number of different tests all performed here at our facility by a staff with a vast range of experience. All of our staff are formally bound by the company’s independent philosophy and the rules set forth in our ISO certification documentation that clearly states that we will be free from all outside attempts to influence the performance or reporting of testing. Petro-Lubricant Test Labs was at the forefront of instituting ISO protocols and was one of the first certified lubricant testing labs. Please refer to our Certification Pages for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17025-2005.

Confidentiality is often a major concern to companies sending samples to us for testing. As part of the same ISO protocols, we maintain strict confidentiality of samples and testing data. For companies that require more, we have a standard Confidentiality and NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which we can formalize for you that is tailored to address the legal needs for conducting business with us in confidence. Please refer to our Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement for further details.

We are proud of and very protective of the reputation we have gained throughout the lubricant industry as “The Place To Go” for independent, quality driven testing. Our many years of service have given us the experience and reward of having hundreds of clients throughout the world. If you have questions about conducting business with us overseas, please contact our office manager at 973-579-3448 or by email at and she will assist you.

Whether your company is large or small, whether your testing needs are routine or of a sensitive proprietary nature, rest assured that you have come to the finest laboratory available.


ISO 9001-2015