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Real People

When you call our facility during our regular hours (8AM to 5PM EST) you will not be greeted by a machine that instructs you to choose from a menu or leave a message and “someone” will return your call. Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff will immediately assist you, can often provide answers to many of your questions, or will promptly direct you to one of our laboratory staff members for more technically oriented help. Our highly trained staff is comprised of several professionals with decades of experience in tribology and tribological testing. If you are seeking information or a test procedure we do not currently provide, we will do our best to help source what is required for your needs.

If you call during off hours and leave a message, or if you email us, we will again respond with an organized and cooperative team approach to all inquires or testing requests.

Once a testing project is initiated we continue to provide superior service by proactively addressing any concerns or problems that may arise. We will contact you immediately in such situations so that you will be fully informed and can decide what action is best. We extend our philosophy of a cooperative team approach to all of our clients in this way. That is why it is best to provide all of your contact information to us when arranging for testing.

We take great pride in our service record to the lubrication industry for over thirty-two years. We are proud of the service we provide and we are also proud to have become known as “The Place To Go” for reliable, quality driven, lubrication testing.

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