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Request for a Quotation

General Request Procedures

If you are certain what tests you need, you may simply send us an email requesting a quotation and we will respond back with pricing and sample quantity required.  Please note that this information is available on our Testing Price List page and is always current.   If you require a formal quotation with signature, please indicate this in your email request to and we will send the quotation to you by email as a signed PDF.

Special Requests

Additional charges for special requests may apply.   Special requests can include photos, return of samples, return of test specimens, or other special handling such as preparation or blending of samples.   These will be applied to the invoice, but are not generally included in the quotation.   If you would like these charges to be included in the quotation please indicate this in your request.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround times will vary, given current availability of personnel, test equipment, and prior commitments for rush work.   We cannot guarantee turnaround times in every instance, but we promise to do our very best to meet your needs.  

If you have need of turnaround by a specific date, please email or call the laboratory at 973-579-3448 to discuss this, prior to receiving a quotation or sending samples to us.

Timely Submission of Samples is crucial to scheduling of testing and turnaround.  Please also note that testing cannot be scheduled without receipt of a purchase order or other arrangement for payment.

Technical Assistance

If you are uncertain what tests you will require, then please email us ( or call the laboratory at 973-579-3448 and one of our professionals will begin the process of helping you choose the tests most appropriate to your application.   In some instances, if you email, it may be necessary to speak to you by phone so please include a phone number for contact.