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Unique Test Configurations for Specific Product Applications

Custom Test SpecimensPetro-Lubricant Test Labs has the years of experience and hands on engineering ability to enable us to customize tests and procedures to closely simulate field application conditions. If you do not find testing on our website appropriate to your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.
On occasion, end users and producers of lubricants must address tribological conditions that standard tests do not approximate very well. With detailed analysis of the application, we can often determine a means to modify existing methods in order to test the more critical product performance parameters. This is sometimes as simple as fabrication of special test specimens or modification of test conditions using existing test equipment. Other times it might involve fabrication of special test jigs or unique and specialized test equipment. This approach can often eliminate or reduce the need for lengthy and expensive field trials, or more expensive testing of substitute, new, or altered formulations.
Please call us at 973-579-3448 or email us at with as much detail regarding your end use application as you can provide. If we cannot provide a suitable testing proposal, we may well be able to direct you to an associate facility with alternate capabilities appropriate to your needs.